Training program Jillian Michaels

Training program Jillian Michaels

Even in early childhood had a small problem with being overweight. But having solved her problems with the figure, she decided to help the others. Thus, Jillian Michaels became an American expert in the world of fitness and presented her modern methodology, combining cardio-exercises and strength exercises.


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General information

Jillian Michaels  USA
Born: February 18, 1974
Growth: 159 cm
The weight: 53-54 kg


His career in sports Jillian Michaels began with childhood, when she was a teenager, she had big problems with weight. With her low growth, she weighed 79 kilograms, then her mother sent to fitness training, in order to put her daughter’s appearance in order, she did not yet know that in the future for Jillian, sport would become a career. In addition to the fact that she lost a lot of weight, she had a desire to help other people change their lives through fitness – she became a coach. She managed almost impossible, she spent, and still conducts classes so that people do not notice that they are working on themselves. She builds classes so that people have fun, they dance and enjoy their workouts. Jillian has his own DVDs, so anyone can download them from the Internet and at least right now to practice fitness with Jillian Michaels.

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Complex of exercises

  • The most famous program is Michaels – this is Lose Weight in 30 days. It consists of three trainings with different difficulty levels. The main advantages of the program are that it does not bother, the body adapts to the load. Duration of training – 30 minutes. It includes both cardio exercises and strength exercises for shaping the relief. You will immediately notice the result.
  • The concept consists of several cycles of 3 minutes each: 2 minutes of cardio load, 1 minute – exercises for the press. However, training does not involve any rest. The only thing that is allowed is a stop for restoring breathing no longer than 5 seconds.
    One of the most important principles that Michaels adheres to is the simultaneous work of different muscle groups. After all the main goal of her training is, first of all, a reduction in the percentage of body fat. Exercise on the biceps is combined with attacks and the like. Every minute of training you will work to the maximum.
  • To do the exercises, use dumbbells (if not available, can be replaced with a bottle of water). For most girls fit dumbbells weighing 1-1.5 kg, but it’s better to focus on your own feelings. In addition, you will need sneakers with good cushioning properties.
  • Classes for this program are expected daily for 30 consecutive days: 10 days – first level, 10 days – second level, 10 – days third level. If you are complicated and do not fit such a schedule, you can execute the program every other day. In any case, you will get an excellent result.


The basis of Jillian Michaels’ diet is the calculation of the contents fat percentage. For each person, the metabolic rate – can be slow, or balanced, or fast. Slow metabolism has a need for more carbohydrates, with a faster need to consume more protein, and to the balanced exactly the author wants to lead you. Jillian says that in this area, nutritionists do not focus on metabolic rate, because they do not have attested clinical studies, and she gives you all sorts of recipes and menus.


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Especially for this was developed a program of a 30-day diet. Just note that this program assumes that you are already sufficiently prepared and you do not need to lose much weight (more than 10 kilograms), so the number of calories per day will not be greatly reduced. The program is based on the calculation of daily caloric intake, determines the type of metabolism, and in accordance with the type of diet is selected. It is necessary to “eat” every 4 hours. In the 30-day period, it is necessary to exclude semi-finished products and alcohol. To monitor the correctness of the diet is recommended to keep records.