To lose weight you need to run in the morning or evening?

run in the morning or evening

Very often people are interested in questions like:

  • When is it better to run?
  • Running in the morning or in the evening?
  • Can I lose weight by running?

At once I will say that this material will be useful as bodybuilders and all who are engaged in power sports, and just lovers of a healthy lifestyle, which has nothing to do with strength training.



When to run is not recommended or not at all?

According to doctors it is impossible to run people with congenital heart disease and inadequate blood circulation. Therefore, I strongly recommend that people unsure of their health, consult a doctor.

Also restrictions for running will be colds and fever.

But hypertension is not always a limitation, it is better to consult a specialist and he will tell you what the consequences in your case may be if you suffer from hypertension.




The main benefit of jogging is heart training. Yes, of course, with by running you can lose weight, and improve the overall physical condition, and it’s just fashionable to go out on a run today. But still in the priority will always be the training of the heart. And remember, one run from fat can not get rid of. Here you need a balanced diet, you can read about it in another article. By that, subscribe to the new articles of the site the sport factor.

When it is better to run, in the morning or in the evening?

This question torments many. An unambiguous answer can be given after determining your goals.

Option one, if you decided to lose weight, then uniquely need to run in the morning, in the interval between 6 and 8 hours. I’ll explain why this is so.

The fact is that to burn fat you need to create several conditions:

  1. First, use up all the glucose or, to make it clear, sugar. Since it is the first source of energy in the body.
  2. Increase body temperature.
  3. Increase blood pressure.

But just in the morning in our body the least amount of sugar. Accordingly, the body, in order to obtain energy for work, that is, for running, will actively burn fat.

Option two, you decided support yours a heart in a good shape. In this case, jogging to you  better to do in the evening, but it is possible in the morning. The main thing before you start eating something sweet, or drink some water with honey, but do not eat up, and after a morning run, immediately eat. Then your muscles will not go anywhere, but your heart will be normal.

Running in the winter – for and against

Going to jogging in the winter is just as useful, the frosty fresh air liquefies your blood, thereby reducing the chance of blood clots. Another winter jogging contributes to the hardening and vigor of the body. But it is not advisable to run in the extreme cold and dress too warmly or too easily. It is ideal to dress a simple sports suit with a thermal underwear and a hat.


running in the winter


How to breathe correctly when running?

It is desirable to breathe with the nose, but only need to breathe in with the nose. With this breath you lose less moisture, less tired. A very big plus, in that you will breathe your nose while running, is training the nasal mucosa and clearing the nasal sinuses.

Breathe calm and calm, but do not try to adjust the duration of inspiration and exhalation, otherwise you will definitely lose your breath. Just run and think about something of your own, and the body will adjust everything. Go ahead…

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How many times a week and how much time do you need to run?

Note that the body begins burn fat after 15, or even 20 minutes. Therefore, the recommended duration is not less than 40 minutes. But…

For people who value their muscle mass, it is important not to run for more than 50 minutes. Because after 50 minutes begins to develop a hormone – cortisol. It destroys the protein structures of our body. For training the heart 2-3 times a week will be enough. It is desirable to burn fat more often. You can even every day. But you need to do this with some rules. If you want to run more often, but do not destroy the muscular structure, it is better to run a couple of times a day.

And then we immediately come to such a question, how to run properly?

The most effective, both for losing weight, and for training the heart – this jogging. At this rate, you can run long enough without heavy stress on the heart.

More specifically, try to keep the pace so that the heart will work at a beat of 130-140 beats per minute. If it’s hard for you to determine when the heart is working that way, then remember that running should be like walking fast.

How to start, or rather how to force yourself to run?

Find yourself a partner for jogging. Together, it will be easier to start running. Responsibility to another person is also a good motivator.

In the beginning, you can even just a week just walk around 20 to 30 minutes in a park or forest. This is especially true of people who have not run before or have been running, but for a long time. An untrained body is hard at once to begin physical exertion. There are some chemical and physical processes that simply will not let you run anymore. About this in more detail it will be possible to read in another article on the factor of sport, since this is a separate big topic. Just for now, remember that you need to start a little and gradually move to run for 40 – 50 minutes 2 – 3 times a week. You can and more often, the main thing is to jog. Start, just run, from 15 minutes a day, and each time add a minute to 5.


run in the morning


There are other methods. For example, you can pump muscles, but it will be a completely different run, in which you can not train your heart or lose weight.

And a few more recommendations

Every time you start running with a good body warm-up, so as not to get injured, believe it very real. A school warm-up from the lessons of physical culture is quite suitable.

In no case should not go on a run for pain in the joints and ligaments. Running can aggravate your condition.

Sneakers should be on a thick sole, and the road is unpaved and preferably without descents and rises. So you can reduce the strain on your joints.

To determine if you are overburdening your body, pay attention to the following:

  1. Abundant salivation indicates an overload of the body, but you need to slow down. Do not spit the saliva, dehydration is of no use to you.
  2. Appearance of heaviness and dull pain in the head mean that your run for today is over and your heart is not yet ready for such stresses. And next time pick up the pace of running a little lower. 

For greater effect, you must adhere to a healthy diet for weight loss. Picking up a diet of healthy nutrition, you can achieve the desired result much faster and easier.