Fitness in the “women’s days”: can I go in for sports

Fitness in the women's days

Critical days have come, and you need to escape to training? What to do: go or not? At least once in life, these questions worried every girl or woman. On the one hand, I do not want to hurt myself. And on the other, it’s a pity to skip classes on fitness.

To find the golden mean, you must first consult with your gynecologist. The doctor, having full information about your state of health, may prohibit or permit fitness during monthly periods.


Contraindications for sports in “women’s days”

A serious reason for refusing physical exercises during critical days is endometriosis and uterine myoma. These gynecological diseases cause heavy bleeding during menstruation. Therefore, the extra force will only exacerbate the situation.

In the presence of dysmenorrhea is also rules of sprinting not recommended to engage in fitness. If you belong to those 45% of women who are hard to tolerate this disease, then it is better to spend this period more calmly. Otherwise, sports will only be harmful to your health.


fitness during menstruation


Sometimes women do not have all these diseases, but during menstruation they still feel discomfort, strong weakness, dizziness, heavy bleeding, fainting and have other ailments. In such situations, experts advise to postpone sports until a more appropriate time.

In other cases, to engage in fitness during the months are not only possible, but also useful.

Fitness in the red days of the calendar

Moderate physical load on critical days has a beneficial effect on the female body:

  • Relieves of weakness and eliminates aching pain in the abdomen and lower back. The judgment that you need to lie down if it hurts, in this case is not quite right. During exercise, the vessels expand and accelerate the circulation, which relieves stress;
  • improves mood. In the process of training, the body produces the so-called endorphin happiness hormone;
  • it is believed that doing fitness is very effective during the menstruation. By reducing the level of female hormones, the body’s endurance to physical exertion increases. Therefore, the “red” days of the calendar can achieve the greatest sporting results. This has already been proven by many athletes.

In the absence of contraindications, the benefits of sports in critical days are obvious. But you can not overdo it, you have to approach the trainings “with your head” and observe certain rules.


How to properly engage in fitness during menstruation?

If you feel fine in critical days, then the schedule of training can be kept the same. However, the load is recommended to be lowered these days. Reduce, for example, the time of the training or the number of repetitions of the exercise.

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There are many directions in fitness, but not all are equally safe during menstruation. Choose the most peaceful sports: pilates, yoga, aqua aerobics, dances, callanetics and others.


fitness in the red days


You can talk with your coach about the situation. It is advisable that he develops for you an individual program for which you will be engaged without harm to health.

In the absence of an individual coach, the physical load on the body can be calculated independently. It all depends on what kind of fitness you are going to do.


According to experts, running distances is best before the start of critical days. This will greatly facilitate the ICP.

If you are an ardent admirer of this sport, then the arrival of monthly ones is not an excuse to give up your favorite occupation. Only at this time you need to be extremely cautious.

Choose to run more smooth roads, otherwise you can get injured. And as you know, damage during menstruation for a very long time heal.

While jogging, stick to the average pace. When there are pains and intense secretions, go to a quick step.

Aqua-aerobics and swimming

To visit swimming pools for women during menstruation is possible and even very useful. The thing is that water relaxes and helps to improve the condition. It is important that it is not cold. Otherwise, aching pain in the abdomen and lower back will only increase.

While visiting the pool, do not forget about the rules of personal hygiene. To prevent infection, you can use a silicone cap or tampon.

Fitness in the gym

In the training process, avoid exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the middle and lower abdomen. Refuse also from jumping and lifting weights. Neglect of this rule can lead to a worsening of the condition and heavy bleeding.


fitness in the gym


Between exercises it is advisable to pause. This will reduce the burden on the body. To calmly go in for sports and do not worry about anything, choose the most practical clothes of dark tones for training.


Dancing lessons can not only lead a woman to shape, but also significantly improve mood. In addition, it is noted that during monthly memory becomes more tenacious. And this is a great opportunity to learn new movements.


If you have a nois in the lower abdomen, then an exercise bike or a running track will do you good. It is important not to overdo it.

Fitness at home

With the help of a video instructor you can master yoga, pilates and many other forms of fitness. Be selective at the same time. Give preference only to those exercises that can relieve you of pain and discomfort.

If we talk about yoga, the “embryo pose” will help to cope with cutting pains and spasms, “the position of the dog” will reduce the load in the sacrum and relieve the aching pain. Effective is also the “snake pose”, which allows to stretch the muscles of the back.


fitness in the women's days


Categorically prohibited during menstruation reversed positions. They can lead to a violation of energy balance and hormonal background.

If your health allows you to engage in fitness on the “red” days of the calendar, then do not miss this opportunity. Train, considering all the rules, and then the arrival of the monthly will not be difficult for you.

In addition, playing sports in this difficult period for a woman is an excellent opportunity to defeat some gynecological diseases.