Caloric content of an orange

Caloric content of an orange

Probably, there are no such people on the planet who would not like fruit. What a rich variety gave us the land and how much we get from fruit. We have heard about how useful it is to use citrus fruits for a long time, but do we all know about them? And you know how much useful you can get from a delicious citrus called an orange, how many calories in an orange and juice from it?

Orange is a fruitful evergreen tree, belonging to the family of rut. In Europe, the tree was due to the Portuguese, who brought it here and helped to breed. Currently, the orange grows all over the Mediterranean coast, as well as in Central America. Long before the onset of our era, people knew that these bright sunny fruits are an excellent remedy.



application of oranges for weight loss


Oranges for weight loss and for health: how many calories in an orange?

The calorie content of the orange is very small, because there are only 36 calories per 100 g of the product. This dignity of fruit allows the slimming to eat a useful product and lose weight. But above all, orange is valued for the high content of vitamin C. Thanks to the content of this active component, this fruit helps the body to free itself from free radicals that cause the growth of cancerous tumors. In addition, an orange is a powerful antioxidant, capable of rejuvenating the body. The use of just one orange can provide a daily vitamin C for a person.

Despite the low caloric content, the orange is rich in such useful minerals as sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium, as well as vitamins PP, B1, A, B2. All this complex has a beneficial effect on the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine and digestive systems of the body. Also, people have long noticed that an orange helps to quickly heal abscesses and wounds.

Caloric content of orange juice and its benefits to the body

So many people start their day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The calorie content of orange juice per 100 g is only 36 kcal. This is a very nutritious drink that helps to lose weight and fill the body with vitality, health. One glass of juice contains a daily norm of vitamin C. Many doctors prescribe this nectar as an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agent during colds. Oranges for weight loss are simply irreplaceable, as they increase the tone and contain a large number of useful microelements and vitamins.


сaloric content of an orange



Orange juice is often recommended to people suffering from liver, skin, lung and joint diseases. It is very useful for anemia and various pathologies of the blood system. The calorie content of an orange is small, so its juice can be added to a variety of sweet drinks, to muffle their sneeriness and excessive sweetness. With the help of it, you can vary the dietary breakfast – add the juice to the cornflakes or muesli, and enjoy the exotic taste. But every losing weight should know that sometimes the caloric content of orange juice is not so important as its effect on health and the gastrointestinal tract. Drink should not be used for people with ulcer of the duodenum and stomach, gastritis and acidity of gastric juice. Also, you can not drink juice in the presence of allergic reactions to citrus fruits.

Oranges for weight loss: how an orange fruit acts on adipose tissue

In addition to containing a large number of active ingredients, oranges contain dietary fibers that create a feeling of fullness, purify the intestines and improve digestion. Caloric content of an orange is small, so it is often mentioned in the diet menu and recommended for use in acute attacks of hunger. There is nothing more tasty and useful than sunny oranges for weight loss! Dietary fibers, getting into the stomach, swell and fill all the free space. Due to this property, the stomach does not require food for a long time, all accumulated waste and slag are taken out, and the food is digested more slowly and carefully.

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All citrus fruits have in their composition limonoids, giving fruits a barely noticeable, but very recognizable bitterness. According to studies of scientists, limonides are able to block the reproduction of malignant cells, and most often they are much more effective than the most modern drugs. Caloric content of 1 orange helps to lose weight, to improve the work of the heart, and also to increase the elasticity of blood vessels. Getting into the human body, limonides are active for a day.


oranges for weight loss


In addition, during the diet is important not only the caloric content of an orange or other product, but also the effect on the body as a whole. In orange citrus there is folic acid, which preserves the beauty of the skin and maintains the condition of the vessels. Potassium and sodium normalize the work of cerebral vessels, and also regulate the level of pressure and support the body in tone.

Calories of orange, diet

Low calorie orange – not the last advantage of this wonderful fruit. The average citrus fruit is 70-100 kcal. At first glance, the caloric content of 1 orange may seem high, but it is completely compensated by other useful properties. For example, 1 orange, the caloric content of this fruit, can maintain a feeling of satiety for 4 hours. Those who adhere to diets, believe that this is a very profitable food for burning excess weight. Experts on proper nutrition are advised to replace with orange harmful for the figurechocolate and chips.

If you want to lose weight without harm to health, then specially for you are invented citrus diet. Calorie orange allows you to satiate for a long time, get useful substances and pleasure from eating tasty, juicy fruit. Orange diets are developed not only for the purpose of burning fats, but also for cleaning the intestines and the entire body from toxins and toxins. Oranges for weight loss are better to use in early spring or with the onset of autumn. It is during this period that the immune system is under severe stress and the person is susceptible to all sorts of diseases.

There are several varieties of diets based on knowledge about the calories of orange. Almost all of them contain a menu, painted on a weekly basis. For example, for one week a person needs to eat about a kilo of oranges. The main thing is that such a quantity of citrus fruits does not cause allergic reactions. During the first week of calories of orange, it is necessary to supplement 2 liters of water without gas and eggs, in an amount of 2 pcs. All these foods must be eaten during the day and so eat throughout the first seven days. With the onset of the second week, calories of orange are supplemented with cereals cooked on water and the same amount of water. The third week is the most delicious, since during it it is allowed to eat any amount of fresh vegetables and fruits, do not pay attention to the calorie content of oranges, and also drink mineral water.